iPhone 12 risks


iPhone 12 risks

Can a mobile phone interfere with the implantable device a person wears?

Apparently, the answer is YES, according to new research published by the American Heart Association.

The researchers conducted two experiments in which they examined how the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max affected cardiac implantable electronic devices (CIEDs).

In the first experiment, they placed the phone on the skin, directly over the position of the cardiac devices implanted in three patients.

In the second experiment, the researchers placed the iPhone 12 over implantable cardiac devices that were still in their packaging.

In both cases, they monitored the effects of the phone on the devices.

The researchers found that the iPhone 12 interfered with the operation of the cardiac implantable electronic devices in all three patients and in over 72% of the boxed equipment.

Some smart phones utilise magnets to enable them to charge wirelessly. The Apple iPhone 12 generates a particularly high magnetic because it has more magnets than previous generations of mobile phones.

The findings highlight potential risk for iPhone users with implantable cardiac devices. ‘People often put their smartphones in a breast pocket over a device which can be in close proximity to CIEDs. This can lead to asynchronous pacing or disabling of anti-tachycardic therapies,’ the authors wrote.

Fahd Nadeem et al, ‘Magnetic Interference on Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices From Apple iPhone MagSafe Technology’, https://doi.org/10.1161/JAHA.121.020818Journal of the American Heart Association. 2021;10:e020818

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Reduce your exposure to mobile phone radiation.

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