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Cordless phones emit radiofrequency radiation similar to that emitted by a mobile phone, so the risks associated with using a mobile phone also apply to cordless phones and so do the warnings.

Cordless phones can even be more of a problem than mobile phones because:

  • most cordless phones don’t have adaptive power control
  • the cradles of many cordless phones emit radiofrequency radiation continuously, even when no call is being made.
  • most people spend longer talking on their cordless phones than they do on their mobile phones.

cordless phones

Radiofrequency radiation:

  • increased the risk of brain tumours, especially in young people
  • caused sperm damage consistent with infertility
  • caused oxidative stress (free radical damage) that is found in many health problems and contributes to ageing
  • damaged DNA
  • interfered with hormones, including melatonin (a potent free-radical scavenger)
  • is a class 2B carcinogen.

See more details in Lyn McLean’s book Wireless-wise Families.

…use of cordless phones increased the risk for glioma and acoustic neuroma

Prof Lennart Hardell, ‘ Use of mobile phones and cordless phones is associated with increased risk for glioma and acoustic neuroma’, Pathophysiology. 2013 Apr;20(2):85-110. doi: 10.1016/j.pathophys.2012.11.001. Epub 2012 Dec 21.

Measure cordless phone radiation

You can measure radiation from a mobile or cordless phone with our radiofrequency radiation meters

If you have a cordless phone:


Be sure to use only products that can be demonstrated to work. Some companies make claims that their products protect against electro-magnetic radiation or ‘harmonise’ radiation, however their products are not tested to demonstrate they are effective in reducing exposure and we’ve often measured the same exposures with and without harmonising devices in place.

We advise only using products that can be demonstrated to work to give you the peace of mind that you’re actually being protected.

You can see the test reports demonstrating the effectiveness of our products on this website.

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