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Zeo-Go Purifier

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Australian Organic Certified zeolite for removing mould and other household pollutants.   

Zeolites are naturally occurring, crystalline compounds that perform detoxifying functions by capturing ions and molecules in their cavities. They are widely used internally and in industry for their detoxifying effects.  

Zeo-Go is a fine zeolite sand with a high content of clinoptilolite zeolite that is highly effective at purifying and deodorising household toxins.


Zeo-Go is a simple, inexpensive and effective way to remove mould from the home. It has the advantage over some other mould treatments of not having artificial fragrances that can cause allergies.

To use Zeo-Go to remove mould:

  • Fill muslin bag with Zeo-Go and tie it closed. You can add a muslin bags to your order here.
  • Hang in a cupboard or place on a shelf and leave.
  • If the musty or mouldy smell returns, it's time to recharge the zeolite. To do this:
    • empty zeolite onto a tray 
    • leave in direct sunlight for 4 to 5 hours  
    • return to the muslin bag and replace in room.

The Zeo-Go can be recharged this way five times and then mixed into compost or garden.

Other household uses

Zeo-Go can also be used to:

  • remove odours and bacteria from fridges, bins, carpets, shoes, kitty litter and so on
  • soak up oil spills
  • increase water-holding capacity of soil in pot plants (add a scoop to root zone when repotting plants).

Frequently-asked questions

Which zeolite should I buy?

Here is a guide to which zeolite would be most appropriate for your needs:

  • Activated Zeolite powder – top pick for detoxing the body and ideal for people with environmental sensitivities
  • Zeo Natural Zeolite powder – suitable for detoxing the body, household uses and first aid
  • Zeolite powder with fulvic/humic complex – for detox maintenance and nutritional support
  • Zeo-Go – for removing mould and other household toxins

How does zeolite interact with heavy metals?

All zeolites bond with positively-charged heavy metals, trapping them within their cage-like structure where they remain permanently. This is why zeolite is such an effective detoxing agent. When you ingest it, zeolite, bonds to heavy metals and other toxins in the body but does not and cannot release them in the body, as the bonding is permanent.

How are toxins released from zeolites?

Zeolite can only release toxic matter, including heavy meals, when they are immersed in acid stronger than hydrochloric acid.