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EMR Australia PL is Australia’s leading resource for creating EMR-safe homes, businesses and learning environments.

Established in 2003, EMR Australia helps Australians, no matter where in Australia they live or work, to understand and reduce their exposure to this Class 2B carcinogenic environmental pollutant.

Lyn McLean, founder and Managing Director

Lyn McLean is Australia’s foremost expert on understanding and reducing exposure to electromagnetic exposures in homes, businesses and learning environments.

She has been working in this field since 1996 and brings a commitment to helping people and over two decades of experience to her work.

Lyn has been involved in or commented on the major political and regulatory developments of the last two decades.

  • She is the author of four books on electromagnetic radiation:
    • ‘Wireless-wise Families’, Scribe, 2017
    • 'The Force - living safely in a world of electromagnetic pollution', Scribe, 2011; 
    • 'Wireless-wise Kids - safer ways to use mobile and wireless technology', 2013.
    • 'Watt's the Buzz?', Scribe, 2004
  • She is co-author of the paper 'Measurement and analysis of power-frequency magnetic fields in residences: Results from a pilot study', Malka N Halgamuge and Lyn McLean, Measurement 125(2018):415-424.
  • She has published a regular report, 'EMR and Health', since 1996. 
  • She was Executive Officer of the EMR Association of Australia and Secretary of its forerunner, the EMR Alliance for nine years. 
  • She was Deputy Chair, of the ACIF Committee that developed the Code for the Deployment of Radiocommunications Infrastructure - and Deputy-Chair of the Communications Alliance committee that revised this Code in 2010-2011.
  • She was a member of the Department of Health’s EME Reference Group, hosted by ARPANSA, for over 15 years. 
  • She was a member of the local government committee that developed the Model Telecommunications and Radiocommunications DCP. 
  • She was a member of the Consultative Group for the development of the Australian Standard for ELF 2004-2011. 
  • She is a qualified trainer and educator; who has presented at conferences, Senate Inquiries, committees and numerous public meetings. 
  • She has written extensively for newsletters and magazines and given media interviews.

You can hear some of Lyn McLean’s talks and interviews here.

Lyn has established a team of qualified and dedicated professionals and an extensive network of experts and resources to help achieve the best outcomes for her clients.

Customer Feedback

'This is - as always - SUPER-GOOD, dear Lyn! You are one of the best science writers on the planet, mark my words!' Assoc Professor Olle Johansson

'I want to say how very grateful I am to you and your organisation for shedding light on this very little understood (and often disparaged) topic, and for providing excellent ethically sourced information. This has helped me enormously in my search for answers.' R.C.

‘You are doing a great job and a wonderful service to the Australian community. Keep up the good work.' L.C.

‘Hi Lyn - just want to say thank you for the great site and information. I stumbled across it yesterday and am just SO glad I did. Being Australian based is even better!" Anne

"(I am) very grateful for your excellent website/book and alerts/information." By S.E. 

'I also appreciate your integrity in directing me toward a cheaper way of doing this. A rare commodity in today’s business world. Thank you. I wish you all the best.' T.R. 

'I am very, very grateful for your amazing patience in working through all of my concerns, queries, odd circumstances and, above all, for helping to calm my anxiety. You have shown exceptional customer care, seldom seen these days.' D.R.

'Just wanted to also take this opportunity to thank you for your your time earlier today. I am so grateful to have access to someone as informed as yourself, your wisdom and passion is a blessing... My life and my son's life are better for it and will continue to be - all because of you!!!' L.W.

Thank you so much for your very informative and beautifully presented, inspirational address.' J.G.

'Outstanding service, support and education on practical solutions to EMR, WIFI and dirty electricity. The meters were invaluable as they showed me the energy drain which I felt but could not pinpoint or see. No more wifi in the office, no more dirty electricity in the house. I enjoy spending time in my office now as I can work at my computer for hours without being fried, tired and restless. Thank you, Lyn!'  T.S. 

'I think Lyn is very committed to EMR and I thank her so much for caring about a minority group of people with this chronic disease.' J.G. 

'Was a pleasure dealing with you.' S.P. 

'I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work and dedication you give towards researching Electromagnetic Radiation and informing the public about the dangers and how to protect themselves.' K.T.

'I can’t thank you enough for your great customer service and the free book you included in our package!! You have been amazing to deal with and I thank-you.' L.T.

'My meter arrived this morning ! Wow that was quick ... thank you for your amazing service. It was such a pleasure to unpack my parcel as it was clearly packed with care and attention to detail.' J.C.

'Your kindness is much appreciated! I have a study room that tests clean for everything except electrosmog so I am going to move my bed to that room. I will also paint the walls and rehire the meter to measure after that.... but most of all thanks for your great support and service.' A.F.

'Great information. Well-presented and interesting. Thank you.' D.B. [feedback on a group talk]   

'Thank you. I am really impressed with the high quality and efficiency of your service. It is a real pleasure to shop from you.' P.N.

'Thank you! You have been so generous :) The radiation from those smart meters has been on my mind, and I had been putting off hiring a meter for a while as I'm on a strict budget, but you made it easier for me and in hindsight it is really something worth prioritizing! I'm so glad I called you, I wish I had done it sooner!' C.H.

'The package arrived promptly at our office this morning. Again, thank you very much for the great service.' R.A.

'Thank you for your prompt response to our order. Excellent service!' B.C.

'Many thanks, Lyn for making this information freely available to us here in Australia. Over the past years I have become increasingly concerned about EMFs and their impacts on our health but have found that most information comes from The States and is not always transferable to our situation here in Australia. I am looking forward to reading your newsletters and to having your company (EMR Australia) as a valuable resource as I try to negotiate this “new” environmental threat.' Y.H.

'Thanks for providing professional, compassionate service to us and so many others. Your business is a beacon of hope for us and (I'm sure) so many others.'
M. B.

'Your article on Residential Exposure on your web site  was brilliant and extremely helpful, thank you so much.' H.W.

'Congratulations on the amazing job you do; your whitepaper/ newsletter is really informative.' S.W.

'Thank you very much for your excellent service and kind manner
So nice to work with as definitely not as common these days.' B.Z.

'Thank you for such wonderful service. It is greatly appreciated.' E.B.

'Thank you very much for your help with my shielding paint purchase. You were incredibly quick to respond to my request. You were amazing in the way you looked after me even though I gave you so little notice. I was also impressed with your service just before Christmas when I purchased some fabric and dirty electricity filters.'

'Thanks very much for your very helpful information today. I now feel confident that my son and I are on the right track in protecting ourselves from EMRs.' E.Z.

'Thank you for your prompt service and great products.' S.D.

'The work you do is invaluable and I'm so grateful to be able to access the advice and products you provide.' J.E. 

'Thank you so much for your compassion, generosity and understanding; it is greatly appreciated.' H.D.

'Oops, forgot to thank you for your expert advice and super prompt service, it’s much appreciated, along with your perfect phone voice.' S.M. 

'Customer service like no other.' M.G.

'Following the recent loss of three friends due to brain cancer (and having sadly heard of others), we decided to seriously research likely causes and to minimise our risks with this health threat, which I feel is more insidious and worse than asbestos or cigarette smoking.  We thus decided to make a proper effort to minimise our exposure to: (1) RF radiation from phone towers, phones, WIFIs and various appliances; (2) electro-magnetic radiation – due to poorly insulated cables, and so on.

Our research led us to EMR Australia.  It was a good call.  We've gained many insights (some from their free newsletter and some from their low-cost consultations) so as to best direct our spending and efforts.  The EMR lady who has supported us is Lyn, who has been in this business for circa 30 years.   That speaks to an insightful person with a wealth of experience, motivated by wanting to help people.  That's a nice combination and what we needed.

We've bought a meter that measures radiation – an essential start - but the product on which this note focusses is the Ultima shielding fabric (or sheer curtain material), which we had made up into a replacement for the sheer curtain in our main bedroom. 

Oh my goodness - what a difference it made.  The RF radiation fell by about 95-99% - much better than the big reduction that we hoped to achieve.  It made me so happy I was almost a bit emotional (and I'm the stoic husband writing this).  Instead of having radiation in our bedroom all night unbeknown to us - it's horrible to think back on it  - the RF radiation has now plummeted to an insignificant level – purely as a result of the curtain!   It seems hard to believe but all you need to do is pull the sheer aside and see what happens: open -v- closed – wow... 

We love the product and have bought quite a lot more for other applications in the house.  e.g. to make covers for some nasties like alarm panels and front door monitors etc. 

We are so grateful to EMF Australia for enlightening us, giving us health saving tips, and supplying this wonderful fabric, and a meter so we knew what we were being confronted with.  We have other things to buy too and will again use them as they are decent, I trust their judgment and their pricing is competitive.' G&M 

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