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Mobile phones emit radiofrequency radiation that has been shown to damage the body and has been classified as a Class 2B Carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. 

Nearly two decades of research has shown that mobile phone radiation can damage the body in a number of ways. It:

  • increased the risk of brain tumours, especially in young people
  • caused sperm damage consistent with infertility
  • caused oxidative stress (free radical damage) that is found in many health problems and contributes to ageing
  • damaged DNA
  • interfered with hormones, including melatonin (a potent free-radical scavenger)
  • is a class 2B carcinogen.
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Many mobile phone users report unpleasant symptoms which may or may not be related to the development of health problems. These include:

  • heat
  • headaches
  • memory problems
  • head pressure and pain
  • tingling
  • memory and concentration problems


  • Groups of medical doctors and scientists have warned about the risks of mobile phone radiation and called on the World Health Organisation and European Union to introduce stricter exposure standards.
  • Some governments warn about the risks of mobile phone radiation and encourage users to reduce exposure.
  • Some courts have ruled that mobile phone radiation caused health problems, including brain tumours.

See more details in Lyn McLean’s book Wireless-wise Families.

RF radiation should be regarded as a human carcinogen causing glioma. Carlberg M and Hardell L

‘Evaluation of Mobile Phone and Cordless Phone Use and Glioma Risk Using the Bradford Hill Viewpoints from 1965 on Association or Causation’,
Biomed Res Int. 2017;2017:9218486. doi: 10.1155/2017/9218486. Epub 2017 Mar 16.

As well as the radiation they emit, screen devices have been shown to cause a range of other problems for users, such as:

  • addiction
  • hyperactivity
  • eye problems
  • obesity & reduced fitness
  • poorer reading comprehension
  • reduced academic performance
  • attention problems
  • poor motor skills
  • depression and mood disorders
  • changes to brain structure
  • relationship problems. 

Measure mobile phone radiation

You can measure radiation from a mobile or cordless phone with one of our meters for detecting wireless (radiofrequency) radiation.

Protect yourself from mobile phone radiation

Shield the radiation from your phone with our shielded mobile phone protection:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am buying a new mobile phone. What should I look for?

A: Here are our suggestions about what you could look for when buying a new mobile phone:

  • choose a phone that takes a jack so it can be used with an airtube headset to keep the phone away from you when you talk;
  • avoid mobile phones where the radiation can't be turned off - such as the iPhone 11;
  • look for a phone where airplane mode actually works - many mobiles continue to emit radiation when in airplane mode;
  • choose a phone with the minimum of functions to avoid using it more than necessary;
  • avoid 5G phones if you don't want to encourage the proliferation of 5G phone towers.

Q: Is there a list of phones and the radiation they emit?

A: Manufacturers provide information about how much radiation a user's head would absorb as Specific Absorption Rates (SARs). It's difficult to find up-to-date lists of SARs from different model phones because new models enter the market so often that lists are quickly out of date.

To find the SAR of a phone, you would need to check the manufacturer's website.


Be sure to use only products that can be demonstrated to work. Some companies make claims that their products protect against electro-magnetic radiation or ‘harmonise’ radiation, however their products are not tested to demonstrate they are effective in reducing exposure and we’ve often measured the same exposures with and without harmonising devices in place.

We advise only using products that can be demonstrated to work to give you the peace of mind that you’re actually being protected.

You can see the test reports demonstrating the effectiveness of our products on this website. 

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