Digital Detox Event

Digital Detox Event

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Are digital devices taking over your life?

Are they interfering with 

  • your personal relationships?
  • your health and wellbeing?
  • your enjoyment of life?

Would you like more time for the people and things that matter?

It’s time for a digital detox!

Join Lyn McLean, author, educator and EMF consultant for a three-part digital detox program.

In three one-hour group sessions, you’ll learn:

  • why it’s a great idea to digital detox
  • how internet addiction affects the brain
  • strategies for freeing yourself from the grips of digital addiction.

You’ll be able to share your concerns and your successes in a supportive environment.

In sessions one and 2 you’ll receive

  • a short article to read
  • a challenge (you get to choose, so it doesn’t have to be hard!)
  • and a question to think about before the next session.

Email us to express interest in our next Digital Detox Event here.