Radiation-free Modem/Router Package

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We provide a wired-only NBN package that can be used to connect your landline phone, modem, computers and other wireless devices to the NBN and that is completely-radiation/5G free.

We design, configure and provide a wired-only communications network package specifically for your home. Each home will have different requirements, depending on the type of NBN connection and what type of equipment will be used internally.

We provide you with hardware that has been thoroughly tested and configure the software it contains so that it will connect with your equipment, your provider and with NBN.

We send the wired-only network equipment to you, wherever you are in Australia, with information about how to connect it. We can provide technical support for this, too.


If you would like our assistance to set up a completely radiation-free network for the technology in your home, please provide us with the information on the form at the top of this page so we can quote on designing, configuring and providing a wired-only, NBN-compatible network for you.

Customer feedback

‘Thank you. The diagram with instructions you included was awesome – clear and easy to follow. I set it all up and it’s working smoothly. Yay!’ By L.H. 

'We received the modem and all is working well, thank you very much.' by A.M.

'I'm really happy with the equipment you sent me. I feel the peace in the house.' By C. R.