Letter To The World Health Organisation

'The goal of this document is not to present the science, since you already know the facts. And we know that you know, which makes your inaction all the more egregiously irresponsible. The goal is, rather, to alert governments, healthcare agencies, service-providers and others to WHO’s gross  misrepresentation of the truth, its denial of the scientific evidence, its blatant disregard for human life in favour of industry interests, and its failure to address the growing epidemic of microwave sickness/electro-sensitivity, to alert the public to the proven dangers of microwave radiation and to empower governments to inform and protect their citizens.

The time has come for WHO and its International EMF Project to take the appropriate action to  protect our health and to refrain from further diminishing the viability of all forms of life on Earth—not to mention the viability of WHO itself.'


You can read this letter to the World Health Organisation by Olga Sheean here.