Can Mobile Phone Radiation Contribute To Alzheimer's Disease?

'One of the debated health effects of the chronic exposures to cell phone radiation (RF-EMF) is possible effect on the Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

To date only a limited number of studies were published in this area of research and the evidence of any link between exposures and the AD is weak and contradictory.

Some of the published studies suggest that cell phone radiation might cause/enhance development of the AD, whereas other studies suggest that exposures to cell phone radiation have no effect whatsoever on the development of the AD. There are also studies suggesting that the cell phone radiation exposures might prevent the development and progression of the AD or even reverse the severity of the AD symptoms.

Here is a list of to date published experimental studies on AD and EMF (exposures over 10 MHz, including wireless communication devices: alzheimers-and-rf)'

Professor Dariusz Lezczynski has put together a summary of the important studies and you can see them here.