Affiliate Resources

Affiliate Promotional Resources

Below you will find links to a selection of banner images and sample text content you may use in your affiliate promotions for the shielding bed canopies, "Your Electromagnetic-safe Home" online course, the PF5 meter and the FM5 meter.  Feel free to use the content "as is" although you'll likely get better results if you use the text promotion samples as a starting point and edit them to reflect your own voice for your audience/subscribers.

Just click the link below to go to the page with the resources for the product you want to promote:

Shielding bed canopy promo resources

"Your Electromagnetic-safe Home" course promo resources

PF5 Meter (measures electric and magnetic fields) promo resources

FM5 Meter (measures RF including 5G) promo resources


Note: Remember to use your own unique affiliate link when you use these resources!