EMF and miscarriage

In a study due to be released in November, Dr De-Kun Li from the US found an increased risk of miscarriage among women exposed to a maximum magnetic field of 16 mG or more.

Dr Li monitored the pregnancies of 969 women in the early stages of pregnancy. Each wore an EMDEX meter for 24 hours to record the magnetic fields to which they were exposed. He found that women exposed to a maximum magnetic field of 16 mG and over had 80% more miscarriages than the less-exposed volunteers. The 16 mG figure appeared to be a threshold level for effects.

Li’s study is the first to consider maximum field exposures rather than exposures averaged over time. According to Li, averaging the figures has a diluting effect because it includes those that were “irrelevant”.

Li believes that his results have wide implications for society. This is because the subjects were drawn from diverse socio-economic areas and the levels of their exposure are typical of those found in many homes and workplaces.

(Microwave News, May/June, 2001.)

EMRAA News Sept 2001, Vol 6 No 3