Ultima Shielding Fabric
Ultima Shielding Fabric

Ultima Shielding Fabric

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(Price shown is per metre.)

Our Ultima shielding fabric provides excellent protection from radiofrequency (wireless) radiation from mobile phone and NBN transmitters, smart meters, neighbour's WiFi and other sources of radiation. 


Swiss Shield Ultima is a high quality, lightweight, semitransparent ­cotton fabric with a denser weave than the Naturell fabric. The cotton fibre is spun with a gossamer-thin silvered copper thread.

It can be used for curtains, wall hangings and bed linen. 

It has high screening ability and blocks up to 99.9% of radiation, depending on the frequency. You can see the test results with more information about the degree of protection here.

Like other Swiss Shield fabrics, Ultima has not been treated with any chemicals, including bleach or flame retardants, that people with chemical sensitivities can find irritating. 

  • Drop: 250 cm
  • Attenuation: 35 dB at 1 GHz - this means that only 0.1% of high frequency radiation can permeate the shielding fabric.
  • Color: Ecru-White
  • Raw materials: 82 % cotton, 18 % copper and silver
  • Weight: 88 g/m²
  • Dimension stability: 3 %
  • Certificates: Öko-Tex 100 and 1000
  • Does not need grounding 
  • Easy care:

    • Do not bleach or dry clean
    • Gentle machine wash or, better, hand wash
    • Iron without steam or, better, don’t iron
    • Don’t tumble dry.


Why purchase our Swiss Shield fabrics

Our Swiss Shield shielding fabrics have a number of advantages over other brands of shielding fabrics.

  • They are attractive and pleasant to use,
  • They are easily washable.
  • They have a long shielding life, whereas many fabrics on the market lose shielding quickly. 
  • They are free from harmful substances, such as chemicals and are the only shielding fabrics with OEKO-Tex certificate. 



If you would like us to organise a quote for the making of a curtain from this fabric, please complete & email this quote form.  


Which fabric should you select?

We recommend:

  • for shielded bed canopies: the Naturell fabric, for excellent breathability and protection
  • for clothing, the Wear fabric, for protection, comfort and robustness
  • for curtains: the Ultima fabric, for better protection against 5G
  • for bed linen: Wear (1.5m width) or Ultima (2.5m width)


Customer Feedback

'I just wanted to thank you so much for getting the material out so quickly to me. I ... spent the rest of the day making the curtains. Today has been so busy because it's the first day I've had energy and limited pain in weeks so there was so much to be done. I've even been out exercising. I sat in the lounge room last night and it was like someone turned off the background noise, it was so peaceful. The readings on my TF2 were up to 19,000 in RF from 3pm-11pm previously but with the curtains up yesterday afternoon and evening, they were around 200-300. My lounge room feels so much better. Maybe I can actually get better now. Thank you for all your help and advice, I really appreciate it.' By D.M.