Shielding Fabric - Naturell
Shielding Fabric - Naturell
Shielding Fabric - Naturell

Shielding Fabric - Naturell

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(Price is $185 per metre; each metre is 2.5m in width/drop)

Our Naturell shielding fabric provides excellent protection from radiofrequency (wireless) radiation from mobile phone and NBN transmitters, smart meters, neighbour's WiFi and other sources of radiation.


Naturell is a high quality, semi-transparent, unbleached ecological cotton fabric ideal for use as curtains or bed canopies.

It has high screening ability and blocks up to 99.99% of radiation, depending on the frequency.

As the name suggests, it is natural - not treated with any chemicals, including bleach or flame retardants, that people with chemical sensitivities can find irritating.

Shielding effectiveness

Laboratory test results show that the Naturell fabric is effective for blocking radiofrequency radiation over a wide range of frequencies.

The results show shielding effectiveness for both one and two layers of the fabric.

Page 2 shows shielding effectiveness in dB as a graph. The higher the dB number, the greater the level of shielding effectiveness.

Page 3 shows shielding effectiveness as a percentage of radiation blocked. You can see that one layer blocks between 93.6 and 99.99% of radiation and two layers blocks even more.

You can see the test results here.

Drop: 250 cm, +/- 2 cm

  • Attenuation: 35 dB at 1 GHz - this means that only 0.1% of high frequency radiation can permeate the shielding fabric.
  • Color: Ecru-White
  • Raw materials: 82 % cotton, 17 % copper, 1 % silver
  • Weight: 70 g/m²
  • Dimension stability: +/- 3 %
  • Certificates: Öko-Tex 100 and 1000
  • Does not need grounding
  • Easy care:
    • don't bleach or dry clean
    • gentle machine wash or, better, hand wash in cold water
    • don't use harsh detergents, use mild ecological detergents that are phosphate-free
    • cool iron without steam
    • don't tumble dry.

Reasons for choosing Swiss Shield fabrics over other fabrics

Our Swiss Shield shielding fabrics have a number of advantages over other brands of shielding fabrics.

  • They contain no chemicals, no harmful substances and have the highest OEKOtex 100 certification.
  • Unlike other brands, they do not use silver-plated nylon (polyamide monofilament) because the silver plating can wear off with handling and reduce  shielding effectiveness.
  • Unlike silver-plated fabrics, they do not turn grey over time.
  • They do not contain polyester, microplastics or nanoplastics which are harmful to the environment.
  • They do not cause bad smells, as sometimes happens in canopies made of silver-plated polyester.
  • They do not expose the body to silver.
  • They have a long shielding life, whereas many fabrics on the market lose shielding quickly.
  • They are attractive, pleasant to use and easily washable.


You can purchase our ready-made Naturell canopies here.

Which fabric should you select?

We recommend:

  • for shielded bed canopies: the Naturell fabric, for excellent breathability and protection
  • for clothing, bed linen and curtains, the Ultima fabric, 

Does the Naturell fabric protect against 5G?

Our Naturell fabric provides effective shielding across a wide range of frequencies.  

You can see the shielding effectiveness at the lower 5G frequencies (3.5 GHz) and higher 5G frequencies in the test reports above.

Here's what customers have said:

'This Naturell is AMAZING! I've already put it up and I'm now getting a reading of .02 on my Acoustimeter!! which I think is just from flicking the switch on, after that it has no lights on! 0.0! Before that I was getting up to 1.50 V/m and around 5-10 uW/m2 which is from everyone being changed to NBN with 4G backup. Doesn't sound like much but was making my ears ring. So Happy! Thanks Lyn!!' A.S., QLD

'We love this emf-shielding fabric that's both light and strong. It works superbly as a curtain that allows in filtered light through it's natural-white cotton weave, yet also effectively blocks router, phone tower, cordless phone and other RF electro-smog sources to a very high degree of attenuation across a wide frequency range. It can also be used on walls. Another plus is that it contains no toxic chemicals (like PBDEs). My wife and I found an immediate improvement in sleep quality after we implemented this emf-screening material. Thank you so much!' W.R., ACT.

'I am very happy with the curtains and found the fabric very easy to work with. My room is an odd shape with a study and bedroom in an L-shape. The smart meter is outside the wall immediately at the head of my bed, so the protection has made a great deal of difference in my sleep patterns, headaches, as well as overall feeling of well-being. I have constructed the curtains as if they were being hung from a rod (ie gathered), but as the walls are rendered brick, I have used Velcro strips to attach the curtains. They look great, and give the room a very soft feel and warm ambiance. I am renting so this has been a great option for me.' by JR, VIC

From a family with WiFi from 3 neighbours coming through their wall. 'He was a totally new baby when we covered the wall [with the Naturell fabric]. He is sleeping better. Straight away my headaches were gone. It's been a 100% improvement. It's been a lifesaver.' by G.M, NSW

'I took some readings without the curtains - as high as 6.47 in some places on some days. With curtains it measured between 0.1 and 0.8. (depending on how windy it was and how much the curtains were moving about, so a big improvement).' by PF, QLD

'The curtains arrived on Friday and I'm very happy with them. They are beautifully made, they're so neatly hemmed and have weights in the hems to boot! And they're shielding well.' by MK, VIC

'Using the Acoustimeter to measure exposure after the fabric was in place: 'The fabric appears to have definitely reduced the EMF reading!' DP, VIC

A customer advised that, after putting a Naturell curtain in place, his wife's sleep improved dramatically.

'The cloth works amazingly. Wow. Thank you' By A.A.

'The curtains are great thanks!' By G.D.

'You are doing a great job and a wonderful service to the Australian community. Keep up the good work.’ By L.C.