Wear Shielding Fabric
Wear Shielding Fabric
Wear Shielding Fabric
Wear Shielding Fabric
Wear Shielding Fabric

Wear Shielding Fabric

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(Price is $99 per metre.)

Wear is a high quality, lightweight cotton fabric suitable for clothing and bedding. It can be made into shirts, maternity wear, pyjamas, boxer shorts and other clothing, as desired.

It blocks 99.5% of radiation at 1 GHz and you can see the report of its shielding effectiveness here.

  • Drop: 150 cm
  • Attenuation: 25 dB at 1 GHz
  • Color: Ecru-White
  • Raw materials: cotton, 10% copper/silver
  • Weight: 115 g/m²
  • Dimension stability: 3 %
  • Cost $99 per metre 
  • Does not need grounding  

Wear is easy to care for:

  • wash in cold water
  • use gentle, phostphate-free detergent
  • don’t bleach
  • don’t dryclean
  • don’t tumble dry
  • cool iron.

If washed according to these directions and kept free of mechanical and chemical stress, the fabric should retain its shielding effectiveness indefinitely.

Why purchase our Swiss Shield fabrics

Our Swiss Shield shielding fabrics have a number of advantages over other brands of shielding fabrics.

  • They are attractive and pleasant to use,
  • They are easily washable.
  • They have a long shielding life, whereas many fabrics on the market lose shielding quickly. 
  • They are free from harmful substances, such as chemicals and are the only shielding fabrics with OEKO-Tex certificate.  

You can download the expert report on the shielding effectiveness of this fabric here.