How safe is your family? 

Do you know what fields your family is exposed to?


In our two decades of testing family homes, we know that most homes have multiple sources of exposure and most families have no idea what the problem fields are.

Do you know whether your family’s health is affected?

  • Are you getting headaches?
  • Are you tired, stressed or depressed?
  • Are there chronic health or behaviour problems in your family?

Electromagnetic radiation has been linked with these and other symptoms, including skin problems, memory and concentration problems, heart palpitations, tinnitus and pain.

Often symptoms improve when people reduce their exposure.


Several types of electromagnetic fields present in nearly all homes have been classed as 2B carcinogens. Exposure to is associated with a range of health problems and symptoms that could be affecting your family. MORE


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‘'Outstanding service, support and education on practical solutions to EMR, WIFI and dirty electricity. The meters were invaluable as they showed me the energy drain which I felt but could not pinpoint or see. No more WiFi in the office, no more dirty electricity in the house. I enjoy spending time in my office now as I can work at my computer for hours without being fried, tired and restless. Thank you, Lyn!

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