What Everyone Should Know About Wireless Technologies - Lyn McLean Talks to Stuart Cooke from 180 Nu

So this week I am super excited to welcome Lyn McLean. Now Lyn McLean is an expert in electromagnetic pollution and also Director of EMR Australia, which is the leading source of electromagnetic radiation information. Quite technical it sounds but this episode will be of huge benefit if you have– okay, a long list– a mobile phone, laptop, iPad, a tablet of any sort, if you use wifi, if you’ve got a fitness device, use Bluetooth headphones, you know, all of the above. This applies to everybody, me included of course. Everybody uses these things every single day.


[00:01:30] So what are we talk about during this podcast? We discuss simple strategies that you can implement today that will reduce our exposure to all of the invisible stuff that these devices and the technology present. Really, really, really interesting podcast. Lyn is a very, very smart lady. She’s got fantastic research to back all of this up, just launched a fantastic new book about wifi as well. Had a great time. Anyway, enough rambling from me. Let’s get into the show.


You can see the podcast or read the interview here.