Smart Meters by Stealth

Electricity companies are encouraging people to switch to smart meters - without letting them know that the meters are 'smart'.

AGL has sent a note to customers saying:


'A few small changes can make a big impact. By being part of AGL’s Peak Energy Rewards Program, you can be rewarded for making small adjustments to your energy use at home when the grid needs a little extra support.

To thank you for making sure there’s enough energy to go around when it’s needed, you’ll receive savings on your AGL electricity bill.'

The company is advertising savings for people who do this. They say:


'To start earning bonus rewards, we'll need to upgrade your meter to a digital meter, at no cost to you.


A digital meter helps us to measure your electricity use in close to real time. This way, it's easy to reward you for using less.'

Here's the catch. The meters aren't just digital. They're wireless. They transmit 'real-time' information using radiofrequency radiation, which penetrates the walls of people's homes and has been linked with a range of symptoms among people exposed to 'smart' meters in Victoria.


If you don't want an electricity meter that exposes you and your family to radiofrequency radiation, then watch out for advertising from your electricity company that encourages you to voluntarily upgrade your meter.