Screen Time Seminar, Colarado

'The growing trend of giving children one-to-one devices such as Chrome-books, laptops, virtual reality headsets, and iPads at school is increasing the amount of screen time our children experience daily. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, today's children are spending an average of SEVEN hours per day on entertainment media, including televisions, computers, cell or “smart” phones and other electronic devices. Screen use and the electromagnetic radiation emitted from these devices has been associated with myriad health risks including myopia, retinal damage, sleeplessness, addiction and behavioral issues to name a few. The use of screens in schools also brings with it information sharing and privacy issues associated with online curricula, online assessments, and student data collection.

Please join us and learn from five experts in various aspects of this new field of public health and information sharing. Practical advice and action steps for parents, teachers, schools and policymakers will be presented. It is time to begin discussing best practice and safety guidelines for these devices in schools. Anyone with responsibility for the care of children, or concerned with the adequacy and efficacy of children’s education, is encouraged to attend.'

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