Infertility Fears: WiFi Killing Men's Sperm, Study Reveals

WiFi is having a harmful and detrimental effect on men's sperm, a new study has revealed.

According to a Japanese study, further evidence has shown electromagnetic (EM) waves from WiFi devices are contributing to the declining fertility rates in developed countries.

The study is believed to be the first to trial a WiFi shield to help protect sperm from the effects of electromagnetic waves.

Fifty-one male patients took part in the study with each of the men involved in IVF or artificial insemination procedures. 

Sperm samples were taken from the men and were divided into three groups, one where samples were not exposed to electromagnetic waves from the WiFi router, one group who were protected by a small WiFi shield, and the last group who were exposed to the waves.

Kumiko Nakata, whose research focus is on embryology and spermatology, said sperm samples from participants were placed near a pocket WiFi router similar to how a mobile phone would be carried in a man's trousers.

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