Election Policies On Electromagnetic Radiation

With the federal election just days away, EMR Australia asked different parties about their policies on electromagnetic radiation. Many didn't reply or didn't have a policy. However, one did.

The Health Australia Party has developed a comprehensive policy on electromagnetic fields (as well as health and environmental issues), below:


Electromagnetic Radiation & 5G

The HAP supports measures to reduce public exposure to any harmful effects of electromagnetic fields and the use of technology that is safe.

In light of the fact that:

  • Thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies have shown that low level of exposure produce adverse effects on the body that are consistent with ill-health. For example, peer-reviewed studies have suggested links with childhood leukemia, adult leukemia, brain tumours, sperm damage, cell proliferation, oxidative stress, DNA and chromosome damage, damaging effects on hormones and cells, including voltage-gated calcium ion channels;
  • The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified both power frequency electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency fields as class 2B carcinogens;
  • Australia's standard for radiation protection protects people only from a limited number of shortterm, acute, heating effects of exposure and not the biological effects described above;
  • Some governments have adopted standards that expose people to less radiation than Australia's standard. For example, China, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Turkey and Belgium;
  • Many people report unpleasant symptoms or illness as a consequence of exposure;
  • Foetuses and children absorb more radiation than adults and have a longer lifetime of exposure;
  • Fifth generation (5G) mobile technologies, currently being introduced to Australia, will require the construction of thousands of additional base stations, many of which will be located in residential areas, close to homes, schools, childcare centers and hospitals;
  • The majority of Australia's research funding is distributed to a consortium that partners with the telecommunications industry,
  • the HAP recommends:

  • Adopting the precautionary approach regarding exposure to electromagnetic fields;
  • Designing, building and wiring buildings so as to reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields;
  • Requiring new radiation-emitting technologies, including 5G, to be demonstrated to be safe for all members of society before their introduction to the market/rollout across Australia;
  • Requiring the Australian standard for radiation protection (RPS3) to be updated to accommodate new research showing harmful biological effects of non-heating levels of exposure;
  • Requiring an Australian standard for power frequency electromagnetic fields that reduces public exposure to the 4 mG associated with the doubling of childhood leukemia and classified as a Class 2B carcinogen (current exposure level is 2000 mG);
  • Requiring all radiation-emitting devices to carry the notice: 'This device emits radiofrequency radiation. Use with caution';
  • Requiring all research be undertaken by independent researchers;
  • A public education campaign informing people about safer technology use.
  • You can see the policy here.

    EMR Australia is pleased to see a political party taking an interest in this issue and hope that others will follow suit.