Doctor Speaks About Her Experiences With EMR

'There’s no denying that EMFs (electromagnetic fields) are harmful! It’s a fact that we need to stop hiding from. Whether you feel it within yourself (like I can) or not, you are being affected by these fields every single day, and they’re having an undeniable impact on your health, happiness and hormones.

Today’s podcast guest, Dr Libby Darnell — a Functional Medicine practitioner and Doctor of Chiropractic — has experienced this impact personally and professionally. She knows the detrimental effects of EMF all too well, after losing her seven-year-old niece in two months after high exposures of EMFs in her home and school.

Now an expert on how to keep your family safe from EMF radiation, Libby is on a mission to spread the message about this life-ruining toxin and share the simple but effective techniques that can save us, our kids and our future. In this must-listen episode, she tells it to us straight — including revealing some pretty scary secrets about the dangers lurking within every modern household (I have to say, I was gobsmacked!).

So settle in, buckle up, and get ready for the aha’s — this one’s quite the ride!

In this episode we chat about:

  • What EMFs actually are, how they affect you, and why they are detrimental to your health (05:24)
  • Why you need to check your smart meter to save your health (14:27)
  • The repercussions of doing nothing to protect yourself from EMFs (19:15)
  • What Libby predicts in the future for our health and EMF exposure (19:58)
  • The scary truth about ‘dirty electricity’ and how you can avoid it in your home (20:28)
  • The common household item (that your kids probably LOVE) that is slowly toxifying everyone in your household (21:22)
  • How EMFs can affect your sleep, health and fertility (27:07)
  • Libby’s crazy effective (and super cheap) EMF protection hack (you’ll be running to your kitchen to give this one a go (36:25)
  • The easy but powerful technique you can do whilst brushing your teeth, to limit your EMF exposure (37:55)
  • The dangers of fluorescent light bulbs (40:56)
  • Why you should unplug your mobiles and laptops before using them (45:54)
  • Plus so much more! '