Cell Phones Distract Students From Class Work

'Cell phones now include a variety of features that are fascinating to many people of this generation. But did you know you can actually be addicted to using your phone? Yes, phone addiction is a thing. Recent studies have shown that phone addiction is slightly equivalent to drug and alcohol addiction. Whenever you receive a text message, your brain releases a hormone known as dopamine, which is the same hormone your mind releases when you take drugs, but in a slightly smaller amount. However, our main focus here is how phone use can affect student life.

The increase in the amount of phone use and the convenience of the device have made students lazy. Students do not make an effort to fully comprehend a particular topic or even work on an essay that is due soon because they can “Google” the answers on their cell phone. Coming across students scrolling through their Instagram feed while the teacher is lecturing in class has become the norm. This is one of the main reasons students fail a class. Even more, students spend too much time looking at their phones or texting their friends that they lose focus when they are studying.'

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