Anxious, Sleepless or Aaranoid? Experts Reveal The Signs of Social Media Addiction as EVE SIMMONS vis

'Nestled among brightly coloured beanbags and cushions on the floor of an airy room in a large Cotswolds country house, seven young men and women in their 20s and 30s around me gaze into mugs of milky tea.

Draped in fashionable sportswear they look fresh-faced and, frankly, like every and any other Millennial Briton today.

But they speak of months, sometimes years of pain, desperation and self-destruction that eventually led them here – to Gladstones, a private addictions treatment centre, where they are undergoing intensive treatment for a very modern but increasingly common addiction: social media.

As the first journalist to be invited inside a four-week programme for internet misuse, I heard how apps and internet sites that millions of us use simply to connect with friends and up-to-date with current events have derailed and almost destroyed lives.'

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