4 Corners

4 Corners on 5G

On Monday 3 August 2020, 4 Corners aired a program called 'The Truth about 5G technology'.

If you watched or plan to watch this program, please keep in mind the following facts.

  • There is evidence of harmful effects, including increased risks of brain cancer, from mobile phone radiation.

  • Concerns about the safety of 5G come not just from 'activists' but from scientists, doctors and many informed individuals.

  • It's not just the strength of a radiofrequency signal that determines how it affects the body - it's also a question of frequency, modulation and polarisation.

  • Radiofrequency radiation DOES cause DNA damage and there are plenty of studies to show that this is the case.

  • Since IARC classified radiofrequency radiation as a Class 2B carcinogen in 2011, more studies have strengthened the link with cancer.

  • Just because some people have believed the social media stories that link 5G with Corona (for which there is no evidence), it does not make concerns about 5G invalid.

  • The claim that 5G does not have adverse health effects cannot be substantiated as no research has been conducted on the effects of 5G, as radiation on the population.

The program can be seen at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxPWXVFopjQ