Mobile phone radiation and reproduction

Mobile phone radiation and reproduction

Can mobile phone radiation interfere with the reproductive system?

The results of two recent studies suggest that it can.

Female reproductive system

In one study, researchers exposed pregnant rats to mobile phone radiation and found that this resulted in changes in the reproductive system of their female offspring. The rat pups exposed in utero had less primary and secondary follicles—the sacs that contain immature eggs (oocytes). The pups also had a higher level of atresia—disintegration of eggless follicles.

The less follicles a female has, the lower the opportunity for fertilisation and pregnancy.

The researchers also exposed pregnant rats to mobile phone radiation while supplementing them with omega-3, an essential fatty acid. They found that supplementation counteracted the harmful effects of exposure and the female pups with the highest supplementation had a higher number of follicles than pups that had not been exposed.

Calis, P et al, ‘Does Exposure of Smart Phones during Pregnancy Affect the Offspring's Ovarian Reserve? A Rat Model Study’, Fetal Pediatr Pathol, 2021, Apr; 40(2): 142-52, doi: 10.1080/15513815.2019.1692112.

Male reproductive system

In another study, researchers exposed 30 male mice to different frequencies of mobile phone radiation for 40 minutes or 60 minutes per day then examined samples of blood and kidney and testes tissues.

In blood samples, they found increased levels of leucocytes which normally occurs when fighting infection. They also found higher levels of hemoglobin which usually occurs when the body requires more oxygen.

In kidney tissues, they found markers for inflammation in mice exposed to 4G mobile phone radiation.

They found indicators for inflammation In testes tissues as well.

Based on their results, the authors suggested that it is important that the public be advised of the potential harmful effects of mobile phone radiation.

Hasan, I et al, ‘Hematobiochemical and histopathological alterations of kidney and testis due to exposure of 4G cell phone radiation in mice’, Saudi J Biol Sci, 2021 May 28(5): 2933-2942; doi: 10.1016/j.sjbs.2021.02.028.


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  • Limit your family’s use of mobile phones.

  • Reduce your exposure to mobile phone radiation with our airtube headsets and shielded mobile phone cases

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