Your Electromagnetic-safe Home Course Details

Course details:

Section 1

Magnetic fields:
sources, health effects, using the PF5 meter to measure magnetic fields, measuring appliances, how magnetic fields behave, measuring magnetic fields in the home from internal and external sources.

Section 2

Magnetic fields:
tips for reducing magnetic fields, what magnetic fields are a problem and what aren't, solutions for beds, problem sources and what to do about them.

Section 3

Electric fields:
sources and effects, using the PF5 to measure electric fields, tips for testing; how to reduce electric fields; products that can increase exposure.

Section 4

Radiofrequency (wireless radiation) Pt 1:
Reasons to reduce exposure; sources; using the Acoustimeter and Acousticom 2 meters to measure wireless radiation; measuring devices; measuring different rooms in the home; identifying radiation from external sources; measuring the car.

Section 5

Radiofrequency (wireless radiation) Pt 2:
Reducing radiation from mobile phones, devices, WiFi, solar panels, smart meters, baby monitors, the ‘smart’ home, cars; products that don’t work.

Section 6

Radiofrequency (wireless radiation) Pt 3:
Reducing radiation from external sources (mobile phone towers etc); what to do before you shield; measuring to shield; options for shielding windows, walls, floors; how to apply and ground shielding paint; shielding a smart meter.

Section 7

Fertility, pregnancy, babies and children:
Impacts of exposure on fertility; how to protect fertility; why and how to protect the foetus; impacts of exposure on babies; how to protect your baby; impacts of exposure on children; how to protect your children; reducing children’s exposure to school-based activities.


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