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Home Test Kit PLUS

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Our Home Test Kit PLUS is an upgraded version of the Home Test Kit. It measures the same three fields: magnetic, electric and radiofrequency (wireless) fields. However, it contains a more sophisticated wireless meter, the Acoustimeter AM11.

With it you’ll be able to fields from:

  • mobile phones
  • cordless phones
  • baby monitors
  • microwave ovens
  • computers
  • tablets
  • WiFi
  • powerlines
  • smart TVs
  • smart meters
  • mobile phone towers
  • NBN towers and internet connections
  • wiring
  • substations
  • transformers
  • meter boxes
  • electrical appliances
  • conductive pipes and wiring
  • and other electrical and wireless devices.

You can use it to

  • decide whether or not to purchase a home near a power line or mobile phone transmitter 
  • determine your family's exposure at home, work or schools 
  • identify safe locations for beds or workstations 
  • identify hotspots to be avoided or shielded.

Each meter comes with a 5-year warranty.

Our Home Test Kit contains

  • The PF5 meter which measures electric and magnetic fields over a wider range of frequencies than most meters on the market
  • The AM11 Acoustimeter for measuring wireless radiation
  • instruction booklets with simple-to-understand tips for getting maximum benefit from the meter
  • charts for recording your results
  • information about ‘safe’ levels of exposure
  • and handy tips for keeping you and your family safe.