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Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN) is a Commonwealth Government infrastructure project that aims to deliver phone and internet services across the country.

Previously, phone and internet services were delivered by safe, radiation-free copper cables.

Unfortunately, many of them have been removed during the NBN rollout.

Instead, NBN provides connections through combination of some copper cables, fibre optic cables, fixed wireless transmitters and satellite wireless connections.

In addition to the new connections to their homes, householders are generally required to obtain new wireless modems from their providers (companies such as Telstra and Optus).

The result is that the community is now being exposed to more radiofrequency radiation than previously from:

  • NBN base stations
  • NBN equipment boxes installed inside homes
  • satellites
  • wireless modems.

Many of the new NBN-compatible modems emit high levels of radiation and many don’t allow the radiation to be turned off while the modem is turned on at the power point.

Radiofrequency radiation:

  • increased the risk of brain tumours, especially in young people
  • caused sperm damage consistent with infertility
  • caused oxidative stress (free radical damage) that is found in many health problems and contributes to ageing
  • damaged DNA
  • interfered with hormones, including melatonin (a potent free-radical scavenger)
  • is a Class 2B carcinogen.

Some of our customers have told us that they experienced symptoms after their new NBN equipment was installed.

"I’m an IT specialist, constantly surrounded by electronic equipment and I’m young, fit and healthy, so I was surprised at what happened to me when I visited a home where NBN had just been installed. 

The home had a new dual band modem, supplied by a popular provider, that operated at 2.4 and 5 GHz. When I stood close to the modem, I went from feeling perfectly fine to feeling nauseous, disoriented and having an intense headache just a few minutes later. When the 5 GHz signal was turned off, the symptoms disappeared almost straight away."  

IT specialist (name supplied)

Measure radiation from nbn equipment

You can measure radiation from nbn transmitters, modems and boxes with our radiofrequency radiation meters.

Protect yourself from wireless radiation from NBN equipment

EMR Australia provides wired-only network equipment that is compatible with NBN, so that you can use your phones, internet, laptops and other wireless devices without being exposed to radiofrequency radiation.

Because this equipment needs to be configured with your NBN connections, we recommend you wait until the NBN is installed or about to be installed in your home, before obtaining this equipment.

As well as providing the equipment, we help you configure it.

If you would like a quote for this service, please download and complete the information on this form and return it to us.


Be sure to use only products that can be demonstrated to work. Some companies make claims that their products protect against electromagnetic radiation or ‘harmonise’ radiation, however their products are not tested to demonstrate they are effective in reducing exposure and we’ve often measured the same exposures with and without harmonising devices in place.

We advise only using products that can be demonstrated to work to give you the peace of mind that you’re actually being protected.

You can see the test reports demonstrating the effectiveness of our products on this website.

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