Shielding Bed Canopy - queen  (made to order)
Shielding Bed Canopy - queen  (made to order)
Shielding Bed Canopy - queen  (made to order)
Shielding Bed Canopy - queen  (made to order)

Shielding Bed Canopy - queen (made to order)

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Our shielded bed canopies block radiofrequency (wireless) radiation and help you create a safe sleeping environment wherever you live.

Made of high quality Naturell shielding fabric, which blocks approximately 99% of incoming signals, these canopies protect against radiation from mobile phone base stations, NBN towers, WiFi, cordless and mobile phones.

The canopies are professionally made to order in Australia in a range of sizes to suit every bed. If you can't find the size you require here, let us know and we can make one to suit.

They are box-shaped to allow maximum headroom across the bed. They come with hooks and cord for suspending from the ceiling.

If your bed is on an upper storey, there is a possibility that wireless radiation could enter from below. Ask us about our shielding floor mats to block this radiation, too.

**Made to order.  Please allow making time. 


  • The canopy is made of Naturell fabric made from cotton and silver which allows good airflow. It blocks approximately 99% of incoming wireless signals and you can see more about it here.
  • Our canopy doesn't need grounding.
  • Size in mm: 1530 (w) x 2030 (l) x 2220 (h)
  • It has openings on each side for easy access.
  • It has a weighted hem to hold the fabric in place.
  • It is suspended from the ceiling and can be adjusted to whatever height you need, depending on the height of your ceiling.
  • It has rod pockets at the top so that rods can be inserted for stability if desired. (Rods are not supplied.)
  • We supply canopy, ceiling hooks, and 6 metres of cord for suspending the canopy from the ceiling at the desired height.
  • Available in single, double, queen and king size. Please check measurements of your bed frame carefully to make sure the canopy you select will fit it.

Protecting against 5G

Our Naturell fabric provides effective shielding across a wide range of frequencies and our test report shows its effectiveness from 400 MHz to 20 GHz. The degree of protection it offers varies according to frequency. It is well over 30 cB and the 3.5 GHz frequencies used for 5G and still remains approximately 17 dB at 26 GHz.

We expect that this will provide good shielding for 5G technologies.


  • Gentle machine wash, using wool cycle or hand wash.
  • Use front loading washing machines where possible.
  • Do not use harsh detergents – use mild ecological detergents instead.
  • Do not use bleach or enzymes.
  • Do not tumble dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

> Can we make a canopy in a different size for your bed?

Yes. If you would like a different-sized canopy to the ones on our site, then please email us the following dimensions of the canopy you would like: the width, the length and the height in cm.

We will get back to you with a quote.

> Do I need a shielded mat for under my canopy?

If your canopy is on ground level, you will not need any shielding underneath your canopy.

However, if your bed is on an upper storey it is possible that wireless radiation could enter the canopy from a source beneath you, such as a neighbour’s WiFi. In that case, we usually recommend shielding underneath the canopy. Please contact us for more information.

> Do our canopies need to be grounded?

No. The advantage of the Swissshield Naturell fabric is that it doesn’t need to be grounded, so there is no need to attach cables from a powerpoint to your canopy.

If you have an electric field problem in your bedroom, we can help with that in other ways:

> How long will it take my canopy to be made?

As our canopies are made to order, there will be a delay between placing your order and receiving your canopy. It normally takes one to two weeks for a canopy to be made but this will vary according to the workload the factory has at the time.

> Can you make your own canopy?

Certainly. We can provide you with the Naturell fabric so that you can make a canopy to your own design, perhaps one as amazing in the photo.

> What product can I use to wash my canopies?

As recommended by the manufacturer, canopy fabric should be laundered in gentle detergents without harsh chemicals such as bleaches or enzymes.

Lux is a gentle product, available in supermarkets, containing pure soap flakes, but it does contain fragrance that sensitive people may react to.

Enviroclean 'Front Load Original’ detergent does not contain any bleaches, enzymes or fragrances and is suitable for both top and front loading machines:

 Customer Feedback

'We were able to put it up and measure the levels......and thank you so much ...the levels were 'dead' ......Wonderful! ......and for such a beautiful fabric.' J.D.

'I just set my canopy up and wept with gratitude after rising from my first nights sleep; to not feeling significant pain throughout my joints and body .. it’s been so long .. I even felt like singing in the morning, which is a MUCH welcomed change. My nervous system can actually settle with ease when I’m inside of it. Am Beyond grateful, Lyn.. thank you so much.' C.W.

'The canopy is the most valuable thing in my home. If a bushfire were approaching my home, that would be the first thing I would take.' D.P.

'My canopy is amazing, I realize now that I had forgotten what it was like to have a rejuvenating sleep. It's incredible. Thank you so much for making this extraordinary product available here.' J.N.

'It has proven a godsend and has allowed me to stay in the house until I find my next property and move.' R.M.

'I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent product and the fast production & dispatch. Really enjoying the Canopy, having some excellent sleeps under it.' G.B.

'I finally got my canopy up -... The first sleep I had under the canopy was quite an incredible experience. The first thing was that I lay in the cocoon world of the canopy and I could feel my joints in my body letting go.. and the flesh/tissue of my body too. Then I slept .. so good. And then on the weekend - a few days later I slept and slept and fell so good - so peaceful... ' S.H.

'I love it; it's been a real life-changer.' I.S. (Headaches have improved.)

‘I received my bed canopy from EMR Australia and got it put up early December and the results are so incredible I had to share.  In that time my lowest resting heart rate has dropped 10 bpm consistently and my HRV has tripled from when it was at my lowest.  All recorded from my Oura ring.  Physically I still have lots of issues but hopefully they will follow the positive trend! I wouldn't be without my canopy!’ K.F.

'It's SO nice to have somewhere in the house where I don't buzz and we are both sleeping much better/waking up refreshed.' J.B.

'… installed it last night…very impressed with the quality of it' S.G.