You Can Make A Difference - 5G Antennas

The 5G network requires large numbers of small antennas, which could be located close to homes.

This petition asks the Government to take action to prevent antennas being located close to homes without council approval.

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The petition states:

This petition of certain citizens of Australia draws the attention of the House to the issue of Telecommunications Carriers, having the flexibility (subject to community consultation) under the current Telecommunications' Act 1997, to install mobile phone base stations in pure residential locations on existing Telegraph or power poles, with no set specified distance of separation from residential homes. State Planning laws classify this as Exempt Development, Local Councils have no approval role here and the visual impact of residents, and the health and well-being interests of local communities are not respected by Carriers and are largely ignored.
We therefore ask the House to ensure that Telecommunications Carriers are not able to install mobile phone base stations on existing telegraph or power poles in residential areas, without Local Council approval. This can be achieved by Amending Schedule 3 and the Telecommunications (Low-Impact Facilities) Determination, of the Telecommunications Act (1997) - both of which will close this loophole.


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