Wireless Tech: Time To Think Again?

'I had been feeling under the weather for some time when my health suddenly nose-dived: violent headaches, a burning face, dizziness, brain fog, palpitations, and utter exhaustion. This was September 2008, and the abrupt deterioration coincided with the installation of wi-fi and cordless landline phones in the Paris university building where I worked. After some digging online I found that many of my symptoms were shared by others. In an environment with little wireless connectivity, my symptoms would disappear.

Thankfully my experience is not (yet) typical of the general population, though I’ve met, talked and emailed with plenty of others—including other Oxford alumni—who have suffered similar symptoms and worse.'


Annelie Fitzgerald PhD (LMH, 1990) teaches English Literature and Language at the University of Toulouse.

You can read more about what she has to say here.