WiFi in Schools - Teacher's Measurements

In the March 2017 issue of EMR and Health we reported the results of an Australian study on the levels of WiFi radiation in 23 schools in NSW and Victoria.

This has sparked some interesting feedback.

One teacher wrote to us and said:

'I have measured two schools including our own with no-one in them and you will find the below (All schools use the same model WAP)

Furthest from the router peak values 0.1 V/m and 0.8 V/m

Closest to the router peak values can be anywhere from 0.8 V/m up to 1.9 V/m all measured between 1.5 to 1.8m high and at idle times – we don’t run a BYOx program so there is no connections at the time of measurement from outside classroom computers and was made on a student free day.

This is all subject to mount position (wall or mid room on ceiling) and student position to either side of antennae’s.

It is not uncommon to be 1-2m away from the router and get the peak values mentioned above. Using a Acoustimeter it will dance happily around 0.8 V/m to 1.1 V/m and at the classroom door you will get the furthest values.'

Have you measured the wireless radiation in your home or children's school yet?