Three Reasons People Are Worried About 5G Deployment

We’re living in an era where the demand for innovative technology is at an all-time high, which is why 5G coming to cities is welcomed by many people, companies, and governmental entities. Deployments will be implemented through installing new cell towers, and adding beacons on existing infrastructure like street lights and utility poles. For most cities where trials are or will be conducted, companies overseeing these operations like AT&T don’t have exact numbers on the amount of infrastructural installments needed to distribute 5G connectivity. Due to their powerful but short wavelengths, cell towers need to be in much closer proximity to each other.

Despite 5G’s unparalleled quality in streaming, downloading, and reception, there are some people with growing (even hostile) reservations. The influx of cell towers is causing concern regarding some of the negative and potentially harmful effects 5G could bring about that range from health and environmental issues, to their effects on a community’s real estate market. Below are three major worries communities have with rising cell towers aimed at deploying widespread 5G connectivity.

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