Swedish Policeman's Cancer Story

This is an account by a 26yo police officer who was diagnosed with a brain tumor after using the Swedish radio system, similar to Tetra, called Rakel.

My name is Roger Carlstrom. I have worked as a police officer for 26 years. I am writing this appeal to all of you who work with children in schools and kindergartens, all decision makers in the school and pre-school activities in the municipalities and all parents: Protect kids from the wireless technology of radiation!

Why write when a police officer about the risks of wireless technology? Well, I myself have become seriously ill of the technology and therefore want to warn others. In particular, children are much more sensitive than we adults.

In 2007 we received a new wireless mobile police called Rachel. Pretty soon I had trouble sleeping, redness, and cardiac arrhythmia, which clearly could relate to the times when I was in the service.

The problems only increased with time, and even though I ate sleeping pills I could hardly sleep at night. For a year and a half ago my health deteriorated further, I collapsed and the doctors discovered an aggressive brain tumor. The worst kind. Glioma. Anyone who has a very poor prognosis.

I is now operated twice for the tumor in the brain. I will continue to be clear reactions of microwave radiation and, in particular, as soon as I exposed to radiation from wireless data networks. This radiation appears to be particularly harmful. Although it has no knowledge of the risks for the children and staff introduced the technology on a massive scale in schools and kindergartens.

After having itself been hit so hard I have put myself into question and there is no doubt that there is substantial scientific evidence that radiation is harmful in many ways. It increases the risk of sleep problems, headaches, concentration and learning problems, impair memory.

It impairs mental health. Research has again and again shown that it damages the DNA of cells just like chemicals and it can eventually cause cancer. Mobile usage has been shown to increase the risk of aggressive brain tumor, I suffered. Therefore, the radiation is classified as "possibly carcinogenic" by the WHO.

Take this warning about the risks seriously. I would not risk my reputation as a police officer if I had good reason to go out with this warning.

Follow the Council of Europe and a growing number of international experts' advice not to use wireless data networks and wireless connected computers in schools and kindergartens. Minimize children's use of mobile phones. Inform yourself about the risks of radiation protection Foundation.

The original story, in Swedish, can be found here.