Solving A High-Field Problem

This customer had high magnetic fields inside his home that were a source of some concern.

He hired our FW Bell 4180 magnetic field meter and used this to identify the source of his problem and find a solution. Here's his feedback:


After a comprehensive check of the household electrical equipment and associated circuits, the gauss meter identified electronic field aberrations external to the house.

As I initially thought the source was the water pipe, due to high gauss readings at the water meter; plumbing work was conducted to replace two metre sections of the water and gas copper pipes running along the front porch (see area A on the diagram below) - with plastic pipe.

This did reduce the fields experienced in the household electrical circuits; however electromagnetic field sensations could still be detected throughout the house.

Attention was directed to the paved driveway, which has as part of its foundation, steel reinforcing mesh in the order of 42 square metres in area. Gauss meter readings were relatively high in areas of the driveway.

It appeared the steel mesh array has its own electromagnetic field which was energising the gas pipe from the street and the water and gas pipes located together, running parallel along a 13 metre house wall to the water heater. As the copper gas and water pipes were attached to the gas water heater, the electrical circuit was closed with the electrical power point (which provides power to the gas water heater ignition system). This situation resulted in energising the household electrical circuits.

To break the circuit between the household electrical circuits and the driveway electromagnetic field, copper sections of the pipes were replaced with plastic pipe at the water heater (see area B in the diagram) – namely the gas and water pipes connected to the water heater and the water pipe providing household cold water.

This resulted in the electromagnetic field being restricted to the driveway area.