Message from Ray Broomhall - 5G

Dear All

Attached is a link to extremely important UK parliamentary footage.

I have been assisting many anti 5G groups in the UK lobbying hard to promote the precautinary principle within local councils and the UK parliament.

The hard work by many committed people working together has resulted in the UK parliament debating the 5G issue 2 days ago.

Watch the link and share far and wide please.

I will be in a Skype conference at 5pm today with some of the leading anti 5G groups in the UK for a debrief.

It would be very helpful if you could watch the UK parliamentary footage and provide input that I can pass on to our dear friends in the UK.

Folks, the key to winning this war in my opinion is GLOBAL and to win minds and hearts of the public and our elected decision makers.

We must educate as many councillors and polititians as we can. Share this footage to all in our vast network and also to all of your elected reps far and wide.

In Australia the Randwick Council, Byron Shire Council amongst many other councils have already been educated.

Peter Slipper (former speaker of the House of Reprentatives) is firmly on our side and totally committed to assisting as are other great legal minds, scientists, medical practitioners, and polititicians.

This my dear friends is how I believe is the way to win the war against WiFi and the 5G rollout.

These people are our voices and we need to be heard.

The Precautionary Principle is the magic bullet that we can use. In the event that there is scientific uncertainty, decision makers must act with precaution. This princple is paramount and is embedded in most legislative instruments throughout the world.

Kind regards,