How Wireless Technology Is Harming Youth & What Parents Can Do Right Now

The Kids Are Not All Right

How Wireless Tech Is Harming Our Youth
And What Parents Can Do Right Now


by Alison Main

“Children are not little adults and are disproportionately impacted by all environmental exposures, including cell phone radiation. Current FCC standards do not account for the unique vulnerability and use patterns specific to pregnant women and children.”

—American Academy of Pediatrics, 2013

Don’t run with scissors. Don’t talk to strangers. Don’t play with matches. Don’t drink and drive. Don’t do drugs. Parents are eternally concerned about their children’s safety. From infancy to adolescence, children are developing humans—physically, behaviorally and intellectually. To emerge as healthy, well-adjusted adults, kids need their parents’ protection. And when it comes to children and wireless-tech safety, there’s a lot parents need to know.


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