ElectroSensitivity: When the Modern World Hurts

'A few decades ago, it was rare to see a gluten-free menu, a “Certified GF” symbol, or a food intolerance awareness sticker. If you had Celiac disease in the early 1980s, the food world was hazardous. It was impossible to dine out, order out, or shop for packaged products. Sure, you could have stayed home all the time; skipped those hot summer nights at Ben & Jerry’s; ditched your friends’ diner jaunts for burgers and fries; and passed on adventurous road trips due to the impracticality of toting one month’s worth of food in a cooler.

But that seems unfair, doesn’t it? To fathom that a person with a physical illness can be ostracized from the world as we all experience it. Or alternatively, that such an individual would have to consciously choose bodily harm simply to take part in life.

That describes my world today.'

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