Doctors Caution Use of Everyday Items Can Lead To Potential Health Concerns

'Doctors warn everyday household items can affect your health and possibly your shorten life span.

Dr. Brown, a diagnostic radiologist, wrote a book about wellness in homes.

“I’ve seen in my practice over the years people getting sicker and sicker with chronic diseases,” Brown said.

Dr. Brown claimed WI-FI routers can affect sleep patterns, and multiple studies, including one done by the University of Mainz in Germany, said electromagnetic fields can affect heath.

When visiting Debbie Carrico’s North Fort Myers home, Brown found fields in the guest room.

“Even though it’s not in our bedroom, we have guests who sleep in that bedroom,” Carrico said. “I guess there are ways to remedy that. I guess we will work with that.”

Dr. Brown said waves coming from routers, cell phones and microwaves can have negative health effects on concerns such as sleep patterns and fertility.'

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