Can 5G Phased Array Antennas Generate Brillouin Precursors?

In early 2002 the New York based technical publication, Microwave News published an examination of a rather arcane topic: Brillouin precursors. The issue at that time was non-ionising radiation from the phased array PAVE PAWS radar facility at Cape Cod , Massachusetts, USA. A Brillouin precursor is a very fast pulse of radiation, which when it enters the human body, may generate a burst of energy that can travel much deeper than predicted by conventional models.

In a Microwave News interview with Professor Kurt Oughstun he explained how Brillouin precursors are generated by phased array radar antennas. When asked, “Are Brillouin precursors unique to PAVE PAWS radiation?”, Oughstun replied:

“No – not at all. As data transmission rates continue to increase, wireless communication systems will approach closer to and may, at some time in the not-too-distant future, exceed the conditions necessary to produce Brillouin precursors in living tissue.”

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