ABC Caves to Industry Pressure

The ABC has capitulated to the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA).

The ABC's Catalyst program 'Wi-Fried?' which aired on 16 February 2016, presented information about the health risks of wireless radiation from mobile phones and WiFi devices.The excellent program was presented by award-winning journalist, Dr Maryanne Demasi.

Shortly afterwards, the program and its presenter came under fire from sources maintaining that wireless radiation does not pose a risk to health - even though peer-reviewed science suggests it does.

Among them was AMTA, which submitted a complaint about the program to the ABC. The ABC responded with the extreme action of removing the 'Wi-Fried?' segment from its website and suspending Dr Demasi.

Among its reasons were that the program presented 'unorthodox' views of science. How the ABC determines what science is 'orthodox' and what is not was not made clear. However, this finding sends a clear message to journalists: present only mainstream science and ignore budding or controversial issues.

This action is a nail in the coffin of independent journalism.

You can read more about this - and post comments supporting the program - here.