A Reader's Experience of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS)

For me, the hardest things to deal with when I developed EHS (apart from the painful symptoms) was (1) not knowing what was going on, (2) what to do about it (3) where to go for help and (4) the enforced isolation.

When I first developed EHS 25 years ago, I had no idea why sleeping in a certain place in the house made me feel so tired and completely drained. I also had no idea why I developed symptoms of severe nausea, headaches, extreme sensitivity to smells, chemicals, overhead power lines and a feeling of radiation sickness, after spending a weekend on a word processor, under a fluorescent light, in front of a power box (situated 1 metre away on the outside wall – a made-to-order EHS catastrophe waiting to happen.

No doctor or complimentary practitioner knew what I was talking about. All I could do to relieve my symptoms was stand on the grass or in the ocean, which helped relieve the pressure and pain that had built up inside me. For a six-month period, I avoided going to see bands (which made me feel worse), TV, video, radio, bright lights. I moved out of that room and eventually, after not much improvement, moved to another town, had mercury removed from my teeth. I recovered quite well (no mobile phone towers or WiFi to hinder progress) and could spend an hour each day on a wired computer.

Then I purchased an old-style laptop and connected it to a wireless-enabled printer. I left them plugged in after use and didn’t initially connect them to the severe pains in my organs, bones, abdomen and head. Then, one day, whilst using my laptop, I felt a wave-like rippling inside my brain, as if it were being cut into two pieced. My chest hurt and I couldn’t breathe. I disconnected the laptop and printer, moved them out of the house and felt a bit better – but the damage was done.

It felt as though my body broke.

After many weeks of earthing, avoidance of all EMR, changing my diet to 100% organic, supplements, etc, I improved a little, but I actually felt as though I had “cooked” myself and remain very sensitive when in the presence of EMR.

I then discovered I had hemochromatosis (a genetically-inherited iron overload) and lived in an area with high iron content in the soil and bore water which I used to water the vegetables I grew.

However, the main problem was I had not heard of EHS, did not know anyone who had it, had no idea where to go for help (doctors and friends thought I was mad) and I was desperate.

I found a naturopath who suggested I may have electrical sensitivity and gave me some desensitising drops, made many changes to diet and told me to avoid metals.

A friend tried to find me some help on the internet and came across Lyn McLean’s EMR Australia. It was very helpful just to know others had this problem. Then I saw an ad in the EMR newsletter from another EHS sufferer who wanted to write to others with the condition.

All of the above helped me learn what to do to feel more positive and connected. I formed a network of phone and letter friends with EHS who share their stories, journey and what things helped and this is a crucial part to devising a plan for recovery.

They also had suggestions for how to deal with situations where people don’t believe in the condition which was invaluable.

We put together a brief (4 page) brochure that explains the condition clearly and found that handing this to the doubters helped ease the suspicion that this was a psychological condition or result of the ‘nocebo effect’.

By the end of 2014 I was feeling much improved and able to venture out more, provided that I practised avoidance in my day-to-day living.

Then, in January/February 2015, the 4G network was switched on and new symptoms developed: peeling of skin from fingers, strange ‘cuts’ on fingers and marks on my face. (A ridiculous and unnecessary onslaught of radiation just to speed up downloads!)

However, this has made me more determined to become more proactive against the imminent onslaught we as a society are about to face from 4G, 5G, NBN microwave towers, cell tower rollouts etc.

Perhaps, in time, people will realise that their 24/7 love affair with devices and microwave technology may not, in fact, be the best way to be.

* A warning about mercury filing removal: make sure the dentist follows correct procedure by using a dam, electrically testing which order to remove fillings, pre and post detoxification protocol. My dentist did none of the above and I inhaled mercury vapour throughout the removal and ended up feeling much worse for many years.