11 Reasons to Stop Looking at Your Smartphone

If you told somebody 50 years ago that the most world-changing invention of the near future would be telephones you could carry around in your pocket, they'd probably look at you like you were insane. But it's true—mobile phones (and the data networks that have grown with them) have drastically reshaped the way we live in thousands of different ways.

Remember when horror movies featured slashers who cut phone lines, leaving their victims with no way to call for help? Remember unfolding confusing paper maps and trying to locate where you were on the road? Remember racking your brain to think of that actor who played a robot on that one show? None of these scenarios are much of an issue anymore thanks to the tiny computers that are always in reach.

With great power comes great responsibility, however, and scientists are starting to learn that spending so much time staring at our phones is actually doing some damage to our physical, social, mental, and intellectual lives. As it turns out, tech addiction is real, and there are a few major reasons why you might want to give your phone a break for a bit.

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