Your Electromagnetic-Safe Home

Your Electromagnetic-Safe Home

EMR Australia is delighted to announce the release of a new project designed to help people everywhere keep their homes and families safe from electromagnetic pollution.

Your Electromagnetic-safe Home is an online course that helps people identify and reduce their exposure from the problem fields that are present in and around every home, school and workplace. It helps them turn their home into a haven, safe from electromagnetic pollution.

Designed by Lyn McLean (teacher, trainer, author and Director of EMR Australia), this self-paced course takes people step-by-step through the process of creating an electromagnetic-safe home, making it as simple, easy and economical as possible. No prior knowledge, skills or technical background is needed. It’s suitable for every householder, everyone concerned about health and wellbeing, and everyone with or planning a family.

What it offers

The course offers vital knowledge and skills for living in today’s world of electromagnetic pollution, including:

  • how to identify your exposure from your mobile phone, laptop, WiFi, devices, smart meter, baby monitor, household appliances, wiring, mobile phone towers and so on;

  • how and where to measure exposure for best results;

  • the best solutions for specific problems;

  • how and when to use shielding – and when NOT to;

  • why and how to reduce exposure to your foetus, your baby and your children;

  • how to keep 5G – and other generations of technology – out of your home;

  • how to avoid the common myths and traps;

  • how to avoid products that won’t work for you;

  • and very much more.

Why it’s needed

The course has many benefits.

We know that electromagnetic pollution affects our physical, mental and emotional well-being. This course gives people the information they need to make decisions about how much exposure to allow in the home and to their families.

Creating an electromagnetic-safe home isn’t something you do once and forget about it. It’s an ongoing process. The one thing we know for sure is that there will be more and more radiating products and appliances in the marketplace, more and more radiating products in our neighbours’ homes and more and more radiating antennas near our homes, schools and workplaces. Our electromagnetic environment is changing more quickly than ever. This course will help people keep on top of it.

This course is empowering: it puts people in control of their exposure rather than their exposure being in control of them.

‘There has never been a more important time to learn about this growing environmental pollutant,’ said McLean. ‘The marketplace is replete with products promising magical solutions; there are popular myths circulating on the internet; there are many well-intentioned people offering advice that’s not right or appropriate. This course gives people the information that will help them make informed judgements about it all.’

What people say about it

‘Knowledge is power" - I would like to thank Lyn for her time taken to create this exceptional training course!

This training program gives you the tools to educate, raise awareness and make simple adjustments in the home to make it a safer environment.On a topic that so many are fearful about, It is empowering to learn that there are things we can actually can DO to protect ourselves and our families from electromagnetic fields. It is great not to feel helpless.

Seeing is believing - being able to learn how to accurately measure fields within safe levels is essential. The video training is a core part of the course which I enjoyed as it gives you knowledge on how to correctly use meters to detect wireless & electromagnetic fields. It is surprising as most of us have no idea of the fields radiating from our own homes and devices. Once you gain experience with the meters you can accurately detect fields which may be harmful and make changes to reduce exposure.  Put simply, If you care about your health and that of your families I recommend this course!’
Matthew Larkin
Marketing Manager Tortech, Sydney

‘This online training program is amazing!!! I highly recommend it if you suspect that EMFs are affecting you. There is not a lot of talk about EMFs in the wider community because they are invisible. However this course shows you how you can make the invisible, visible, by the use of meters that measure what things in your house might be emitting EMFs and what EMFs are being emitted. There are some very eye opening moments. There are also practical solutions given on how to reduce your exposure.

And if you still need assistance after the course Lyn is available for phone consultations. I personally have used the phone consult service and was very pleased with it. I was ready to rush out and spend a lot of money on an EMF bed canopy but Lyn suggested that I test first to see if there actually is an issue with wireless radiation in my room. I’ve since purchased the Acousticom 2 testing meter for wireless radiation. Thankfully my bedroom is free from wireless radiation. However after going through the EMR online training program I feel like I would like to go further and test for magnetic and electric fields too.

This online EMR training program is presented in a very simple manner, yet it is filled with so much practical information. Lyn's voice is also very relaxing and calming. This course and the team at EMR Australia are your one stop shop for all things EMF and EMR related, I won't go anywhere else’
Kristy Wilson, Coffs Harbour, Australia

What you can do

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