More bad news for sperm

March 16, 2024

Would you like to look after your sperm?

What about your kids’ sperm?

In a paper published earlier this month, researchers from Iran showed that mobile phone radiation does damage sperm and explained why this is critical for fertility.

Not only is infertility increasing, with 8-12% of couples currently affected, but sperm damage can even affect the reproductive health of a man’s children!

From a review of relevant studies, the researchers showed that mobile phone radiation can damage male fertility in a number of ways. Firstly, they say, radiation that’s absorbed into the body can be transformed into heat, potentially damaging DNA, cells and epithelia of the seminiferous tubules that comprise the bulk of the testes.

Secondly, even without elevating temperatures, it can cause damage through mechanisms such as ‘oxidative stress, alterations in sperm membrane potential, signaling pathways, and changes in sperm proliferation and apoptosis,’ Koohestanidehaghi and colleagues say.

What sort of damage are we talking about?

‘Several studies have explored the impact of EMW [electromagnetic waves] (860 to 915 MHz) on testicular structure. The findings from these studies suggest a reduction in the diameter of the seminiferous tubules and the thickness of the epithelium, as well as a decrease in the weight of the testicular organs,’ the authors said.

Additionally, some studies have found that mobile phone radiation can affect sperm function. ‘These studies have reported that exposure to waves is linked with a decrease in sperm count, motility, viability, and morphology. Most notably, they have found an increase in sperm chromatin damage and apoptosis [cell death].’

And that’s not all.

Research has also shown that mobile phone radiation can affect Leydig cells, which are the main source of testosterone and are extremely sensitive to this exposure. ‘EMW can influence the function of Leydig cells by reducing hormone secretion, which in turn leads to changes in cell proliferation during spermatogenesis.’

The authors explain how mobile phone radiation can damage DNA.

‘EMW can induce oxidative stress, which subsequently leads to disorders such as reduced mobility, morphological changes, acrosome disturbances, and ultimately, damage to the nucleus and genetic material. This oxidative damage to DNA can result in the breakdown of both single-stranded and double-stranded DNA structures, culminating in fragmentation. If the DNA is not repaired and the damage accumulates, the sperm may undergo apoptosis [cell death],’ they say.

What can be done?

The authors recommend ‘it is advisable to limit daily exposure to these sources to prevent irreversible damage caused by EMWs.’

Koohestanidehaghi, Yeganeh, Khalili, Mohammad Ali, Dehghanpour, Fatemeh, Seify, Mohammad, Detrimental impact of cell phone radiation on sperm DNA integrity, Clin Exp Reprod Med. 2024;51(1):13-19. Published online January 24, 2024, DOI:

What can you do?

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