Model campaigns against phone tower

Could protesting against mobile phone towers be the latest fashion trend? Supermodel Jerry Hall recently lent her support to a campaign to oppose the erection of a tower just metres from a primary school near her home in Richmond Hill, London.

Jerry has long been concerned about the health risk of radiofrequency radiation and has banned her four children from using mobile phones. Her concerns were amplified when her sister, who developed cancer, was advised by specialists to keep away from mobile phones and towers.

“Even the possibility of a health risk should be enough of an issue to stop them from putting up masts near people, especially small children. ...The companies cannot prove to us that there is no risk. They are putting money before people. This is a complete violation of our human rights.”

Jerry wrote to her local council opposing the tower and has argued for greater funding for EMR research. She has urged mothers, as consumers, to take action that will protect their families. (Express Newspapers, 14.3.00.)

As a result of the community’s opposition to the tower, Richmond Council voted to reject the proposal. “...precedents suggest that if there is a reasonable and substantial degree of public concern that a public health risk may follow, this may be a reason to reject an application.”

(PA News, 20.3.00.)

EMRAA News June 2000, Vol 5 No 2