Good news to start the year

Good news to start the year

With 2022 underway, our office is open again and we’re here to help you.

By the way, we’re now in the 27th year of our work helping people reduce to exposure to electromagnetic radiation! Congratulations to those of you who have been on board with us for all that time!

We thought it might be a good idea to start the year with some good news about this important topic that comes from two recent studies.

Study 1

Electromagnetic fields are known to cause oxidative stress and oxidative stress can be harmful to the brain.

To explore the connection between exposure and brain damage, Iranian researchers exposed rats to a 50Hz field – the fields emitted by electrical equipment – for four hours a day for 60 days and investigated the effects on the brain’s substantia nigra.

They did indeed find harmful effects. The researchers found that exposure caused an increase in malondialdehyde—which indicates oxidative stress—and a decrease in superoxide dismutase—which reduces oxidative stress. They also found changes in cell membranes, cell nuclei and the myelin sheath of the substantia nigra cells.

The researchers also found that vitamin E, which is a potent antioxidant, could counteract this damage. They observed that exposed rats who were given vitamin E had far less signs of the observed neural damage.

Study 2

It’s not just vitamins that can protect against electromagnetic fields.

In a study from Turkey, researchers exposed groups of pregnant rats to mobile phone radiation of 900 MHz for an hour a day for 21 days. Three groups of the rats were given antioxidant herbs—Garcinia kola, Momordica charantia or thymoquinone—while the fourth was exposed but received no supplementation.

Four weeks after the rats gave birth, their pups were examined to determine the effects of the prenatal exposures.

The researchers found that the brains of pups exposed prenatally had less pyramidal neurons– thought to be important for cognition.

They also found that supplementing the diet with all three herbs reduced the damaging effects of exposure, with greatest benefits being from supplementation with Momordica charantia.


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