Fire stations and phone towers

Firemen are calling for a study into the risks of radiation from mobile phone antennas located on fire stations. On October 4 the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) announced that it has passed a resolution at its August 17 Convention in Boston, US.

The resolution states, “Whereas many fire-fighters who are living with cell towers on or adjacent to their stations are paying a substantial price in terms of physical and mental health. As first responders and protectors of the general public, it is crucial that firefighters are functioning at optimal cognitive and physical capacity at all times.”

The IAFF is calling for funding for a study on firemen’s exposures from antennas located on fire stations and of the health of firemen in stations with and without antennas.

“IAFF members are concerned about the effects of living directly under these stations for a considerable stationary period of time and on a daily basis.”

(IAFF Press Release, 04.10.04.)

EMR Focus, Vol 1 no 4, Dec 2004,