Doctors recommend radiation-free tech

October 2, 2023

Doctors recommend radiation-free tech

The Santa Clara County Medical Association (SSCMA) in the US has called for precautions to protect students and staff from the harmful effects of wireless technology in schools.

‘[T]he SCCMA supports reducing exposures to radiofrequency radiation from wireless devices and encourages establishing safer school technology policies with regard to digital devices and infrastructure in order to promote the physical health, mental health and well-being of students and staff. Healthier children translate into healthier communities and a healthier society,’ the Association says in its ‘Recommendations for Best Practices for Safe Technology in Schools’.

The document points out a range of problems associated with the use of wireless technologies. These include:

Effects on health
‘Scientific literature indicates that the mechanisms of harm include oxidative injury to critical molecules such as DNA/lipids/proteins (Gerner, XIie), membrane disruption, blood brain barrier disruption, and mitochondrial injury with much of the resultant cellular injury occurring at non-thermal levels which are well below current standards’.

Effects on eyes
‘There are also emerging scientific concerns with regards to eye damage and circadian rhythm disruption from blue light emitted from digital devices’.

Social media effects
‘[T]he excessive use of digital technology and social media in children can have adverse mental health effects including internet addiction, cyberbullying, deficient social skills, depression and lack of exercise.’

Effects on privacy
Many aps require the sharing of children’s personal information with third parties.

The Association recommends a number of ways to improve health, safety and the learning environment for students, including:

  • educating students and staff about the risks of wireless devices and how to reduce them

  • educating the school nurse about potential health effects of radiofrequency radiation (RFR)

  • developing mobile phone-free school policies

  • having tech free breaks during classes

  • reducing blue light from devices

  • using hard-wired rather than wireless connections

  • reducing RF radiation in schools

  • establishing phone-free zones in schools

  • ‘using books instead of computers or tablets whenever possible for improved learning and less distraction’

  • keeping wireless devices away from the body

  • not installing smart meters on school properties

  • not allowing mobile phone towers on school property.

‘We have become especially concerned with the dramatic increase in the use of this technology in schools resulting in exponentially higher levels of non-ionizing radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by these wireless devices. This results in increased long-term exposures in children who spend much of their formative years in school environments,’ the SSCMA wrote.

The SCCMA’s Recommendations, along with the evidence it used in developing them, can be seen on the link below.

‘Recommendations for Best Practices for Safe Technology in Schools’, Santa Clara County Medical Association Environmental Health Committee Feb 14, 2023. 

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