Children’s sleep problems


Children’s sleep problems

Do your children have trouble sleeping?

Exposure to electromagnetic radiation could be a factor, according to a study published recently by scientists from Turkey.

In the first study of its kind, scientists from Gaziantep University investigated 400 healthy children between the ages of one month and five years. They found that ‘maternal EMF exposure during pregnancy because of electronic devices was significantly associated with sleep disturbances in children at age 5 years.’

The study found that children were more likely to have sleep problems if:

  • their mothers lived near a mobile phone tower during pregnancy

  • their mothers used electronic media devices, such as computers, mobile phones, WiFi, TVs and microwave ovens—during pregnancy

  • the children had electronic devices in the areas where they slept, whether the device was being used or not.

Although the findings need to be replicated, the study points to an alarming trend in a society where children are exposed to an increasing range of radiation-emitting technologies.

The authors warn, ‘Obstetricians should be aware that pregnant women’s EMD [electronic media device] usage may affect sleep patterns in children. Clinicians, parents, teachers, and children should be educated about the harmful effects of the presence of EMDs (even when not using them) in the sleeping environment at nighttime. … if our findings are true, considering the widespread use of EMDs, it is a very important problem for public health given the long-term consequences of sleep disorders in childhood.’

Çöl N, Kömürcü Karuserci Ö, Demirel C. ‘The possible effects of maternal electronic media device usage during pregnancy on children’s sleep patterns’ Turk Arch Pediatr 2021; 56(3): 254-60. 10.5152/; 

What can you do?

  • Keep wireless devices out of children’s bedrooms at night.

  • Check the fields in your children’s bedrooms with our Home Test Kit

  • Reduce children’s use of wireless devices.

  • Limit your own use of wireless devices around children and/or if you’re pregnant.

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